Junpei Niina
Personal Information
Birthday November 25th, 1995
Sign Sagittarius
Blood Type B
Club/Job Convenience Store
*Judo (If conditions are met)
Favorite Color Pink
Future Finish attending Habataki High
Voice Actor Atsushi Kisaichi

Junpei is your kouhai (underclassman) who is very energetic, a bit flirty, and obsessed with fashion. He hopes to someday be the next Kei Hazuki and surpass him in the modeling world.


If you're able to meet him before he begins attending Habataki High, he will hit on you when you go shopping during Year 1, similar to the guys who approach you before your dates. Unlike them, Junpei will actually befriend you, though you won't learn his name until he starts attending school in Year 2.


  • Meeting Requirements: Automatically at the beginning of second year OR having a high enough fashion stat and selecting 'Shopping' on weekends will allow you to run into him in your first year. However, he won't give you his name.
  • Nicknames
    Neutral: Niina-kun, Niina
    Likes: Jun, Junpei
    Loves: Junpei-kun, Pe-, Pe-Chan
    Never: Jun-Chan, Niina-san

Like, Dislikes and Tips:

  • Favorite Outfit Style: Sexy, Cute
  • Disliked Outfit Style: Natural
  • Swimsuit: Sexy, Cute

Fashion Tip: Check the internet regularly to see what is in the 'trend' and Junpei will comment you with pleasure on the stuff you wear. Try to wear outfits that has a 'star' on the sexy category as it indicates that it's the best of the best 'sexy' style!

Ideal Dates:

  • Beach
  • Fireworks
  • Forest Park (Flower Viewing)
  • Hanabiki Mountain (Ski)
  • Heated Pool
  • His Place
  • Live House
  • Skate
  • Waterfront Park

Disliked Places:

  • Event Hall (KCH Symphony, Habataki Rockfesta)
  • Habataki Castle (Exhibition Corner, Heaven Guard Pavilion)
  • Planetarium

Date Answers

Amusement Park

  • (Go Kart) "I'm getting serious now. Let's drive it again!"

Bowling Center

  • (Darts) "I know nothing about it..." (Angel - PSP Only)


  • "Let's eat milk ice cream!"

Flea Market

  • "All right. Let's find some bargains!"

Game Center

  • "Let's check if we are compatible." (Angel - PSP Only)

Indoor Pool

  • "If it's swimming, leave it to me!"

Live House

  • "It was so wonderful!"

Skating Rink

  • "I'm very skilled at falling down..." (Angel - PSP Only)

Ski Area

  • "If it's skiing, leave it to me!"

Waterfront Park

  • (Cruise) "I can smell the ocean."

Ending Requirements

Style 200
Intelligence 150