Kounoshin Hariya

Kounoshin Hariya
Personal Information
Birthday December 19th, 1988
Sign Sagitarius
Blood Type O
Club/Job Nei Music Store
Favorite Color Red
Love Rival Haruhi Nishimoto
Future Working part-time at Nei Music Store while doing music activities
Voice Actor Kenichi Suzumura
Hariya is the kind of guy that's really fashion-conscious and "in-style". He nicknamed himself "Harry". A part of a rock band. His design is strongly based on today's Japanese youth. He's popular and outgoing, pierced, has spiked up hair, listens to modern rock and pop, uses youth slang. He warms up pretty fast if you date him.
  • Meeting Requirements: Raise style parameter to above 55 or work at Nei Music Store
  • Nicknames:
    Default: Harry
    Smiling: Hariri, Hariya-kun, Harry-sama
    Grinning: Kou


Like, Dislikes and Tips:

  • Favorite Outfit Style: Sexy
  • Acceptable Outfit Style: Sporty
  • Disliked Outfit Style: Pure
  • Swimsuit:

Ideal Dates

  • Amusement Park (Jet coaster) (Night Parade) (Go Karts)
  • Event Hall (CAMINO)
  • Fireworks Festival
  • Habataki Castle (Display Corner) (Gateway to Heaven)
  • Karaoke BOX
  • Live House (Need's) (CAMINO)
  • Movie Theater (Condemned Cell) (SPINNING2)
  • Park Entrance (Shopping)
  • Seaside Park (Walkway)
  • Shopping Mall

Disliked Dates

  • Amusement Park (Merry Go Round) (Haunted House)
  • Beach
  • Event Hall (Rumble House) (Four Seasons)
  • Game center (Medal corner)
  • Indoor Pool
  • Movie Theater (273.15) (CUTTER VS FUNGAA) (Stairway) (Silent Hill)
  • Museum (Mihara Shiki Exhibit) (GAAGII Exhibit)
  • Seaside Park (Tour Boat)
  • Seaside Stroll


  • Neutral: Hair/Eyes/Torso
  • Smiling: Face
  • Grinning: Anywhere

Date Answers


  • "Let's play the fighting game!"
  • "You really do love games."
  • (Music Games) "Can I take a picture of Harry dancing?"
  • (Music Games) "It's getting really loud."


  • "Let's compete to see who wins!"
  • "Maybe I should play on your part."
  • (Darts) "Let's compete to see who wins!"
  • (Darts) "Do your best and never give up."
  • (Darts) "No wonder you're so good, Harry."

Live House

  • (Rock Band) "That live was the best!"
  • (Comedy) "That live was the best!"

Amusement Park

  • (Roller Coaster) "Awesome! Let's ride it once more."
  • (Roller Coaster) "My heart throbs at the peak."
  • (Roller Coaster) "Because I got really scared."
  • (Night Parade) "I want to watch it forever.."
  • (Race) "Wah.. It looks like they'll fall!"
  • (Race) "Japan's best would be great!"
  • (Race) "What a serious match."
  • (Go Carts) "It was going too fast.."


  • "The night sky is the fireworks' canvas!"
  • "The effect of the deep bass."
  • "Both of our memories are forever."


  • (Winter) "I feel a little sentimental."

Waterfront Park

  • (Walking) "Is there anything else to do here?"
  • (Walking) "Like a scene from an old movie."
  • (Walking) "I want to walk with you longer.."

Forest Park

  • "It seems like walking here would be nice."
  • (Cherry Blossoms) "It's sad that it doesn't last very long."


  • "Let's play the stare-down game with it."


  • "Choose your best song, Harry."
  • "A wide stage does suit you, Harry."

Sky Garden

  • "It's a giant, 360 degree panorama!"
  • "They wanted to see a remarkable scenery."

Habataki Castle

  • (Castle Tower) "It feels like we've captured the world!"
  • (Castle Tower) "Build one once you're big and famous!"
  • (Castle Tower) "If it's a castle, I'd want to live in it!"

His Place

  • "Wow, what an amazing room!"
  • "I want to hear a recommended song."


  • (Dinosaur Exhibit) "I feel the mystery of ancient times."

Ice Skating

  • "If it's skating, leave it to me!"
  • "A musician who could sing while skating."

Shopping (Flea Market/Shopping Mall/Park Avenue/ect.)

If he says: "Hey, I found something nice! Would this suit you?"

  • "No, I'll pass!"

If he says: "Oh, this is nice! Wouldn't something like this suit you best?"

  • "Really? I'll try it out!"

If he says: "Oh, this looks good! Don't you think this will suit you perfectly?"

  • "Really? I'll try it out!"

If he says: "Oh, I found something nice! Don't you think you'll look great with this?"

  • "No, I'll pass!"

Birthday and Christmas Gifts

Birthday Gifts

  • 1st Year: Legendary Rock DVD
  • 2nd Year: Wallet Chain
  • 3rd Year: Castles of Japan: A Collection

Christmas Gifts

  • 1 rich:
  • 10 rich: Silver Pins

Ending Requirements

  • Style = 200+
  • Charm = 150+
  • At least 15 Dates (With Accidental Kiss) 25 Dates (Without Accidental Kiss)

CG List

1, 2. Listen to the Sound
Date: Normal school day
Conditions: Use the "Read magazine" command.
Affection: -
What happens: Meet Hariya and compliment him on his guitar skills. 2 versions
 available - summer and winter uniform.

3. Hating Myself
Date: 11th November, 1st year
Conditions: Automatic
Affection: :| only
What happens: The heroine finds Hariya in conflict over his live performance.

4, 5, Done with Image Training
Date: -
Conditions: Automatic.
Affection: :D and above
What happens: The heroine discovers Hariya doing some solo image training. 
2 versions available - summer and winter uniform.

6. Songwriting
Date: Spring
Conditions: Automatic, once date and affection conditions are satisfied
Affection: :) only
What happens: After class, the herione finds Hariya in the midst of composing
 a song.

7. Gentle Melody
Date: Winter
Conditions: Must have seen "almost confession"
Affection: :D and above
What happens: Hariya wants the heroine to be the first to check out his new 
song. All together now! Aww~

8. Big Dream
Date: 19th September, 2nd year
Conditions: Accompany Hariya on the school trip
Affection: :D and above
What happens: The heroine and Hariya head to the Shimizu Shrine and Hariya 
talks about his dreams.

9. Second Kiss (Accidental)
Date: 1st May, 1st year
Conditions: Answer questionnaire correctly.
Affection: -
What happens: Hariya falls on the heroine in the hallway. :3

10. School Play
Date: 8th November, 3rd year (culture festival)
Conditions: Take part in the Culture Festival and don't skip practices.
Affection: :) and above
What happens: Hariya stars opposite the heroine as a tortured artist in the 
school play, Sound of Music (No, not the Julie Andrews one!)

11, 12. Café
Date: Any school day
Conditions: Invite him to a café after school
Affection: -
What happens: You get to chat with him from a selection of 3 topics. 2 
versions available – Summer and Winter uniform

13. I'm on a Roll!
Date: Spring
Conditions: Date him at the bowling arena and choose to play darts
Affection: :| only
What happens: A confident Hariya wins at darts against the heroine. 

14.When Will I be on that Stage?
Date: July to August
Conditions: Date at the Event Hall
Affection: :) only
What happens: At the climax of the show, Hariya ponders his own dream of 
standing on his own stage to perform.

15. Hariya-kun's Guitar Lesson
Date: November
Conditions: Date at the Live House
Affection: :) only
What happens: Hariya teaches the heroine about how to play different guitar

16. Visiting
Date: Winter
Conditions: Make a date with Hariya 
Affection: :D and above
What happens: The heroine catches a cold, and Hariya drops by to visit. Aww,
 sweet. :)

17. With my Comrades
Date: Winter
Conditions: Automatic, once date and affection conditions are satisfied
Affection: :| only
What happens: While buying some supplies with Hariya, Hariya gets mobbed by 
his bandmates/friends.

18. Because You were Here
Date: 24th December, 3rd year
Conditions: Automatic
Affection: :D and above
What happens: Leaving the party for a bit, the heroine discovers Hariya by 
himself absorbed in his own thoughts.

Date: Summer/Autumn
Conditions: Go out shopping, must have previously seen event where he asks
you to help pass out Chirashi/flyers promoting his band
Affection: :| and :)
What happens: Hariya singsss -implodes-

20, 21. Confession
Date: Graduation
Conditions: Fulfill confession requirements
Affection: You know :P
What happens: Hariya confesses...

22. Promise at the Lighthouse
Date: Graduation
Conditions: Accept his confession earlier
Affection: -
What happens: Kiss at the lighthouse! (Ending 1 & 2)

23. The Beach...
Date: Graduation
Conditions: Fulfill confession requirements
Affection: -
What happens: Hariya and the heroine reunite at the beach! BF ending.

24. Promise at the Beach
Date: Graduation
Conditions: Fulfill confession requirements
Affection: -
What happens: Kiss at the beach! (Ending 3)