Tatsuko Todo
Personal Information
Birthday January 10th, 1988
Sign Capricorn
Blood Type O
Club/Job Stallion Gasoline
Favorite Color Black
Love Rival Katsumi Shiba
Future Nail Artist
Voice Actor Naomi Shindo

She is fairly tall and although she appears quite stern, she is actually very kind and dependable. She has a huge fan following at the school, comprised of both girls and guys.

  • Meeting Requirements: Fitness 50+ (Year 1) or Work at Stallion Gasoline
  • Nicknames:
    Default: Todo-san, Tatsuko-san
    Neutral: Tatsuko, Tatsuko-nee
    Likes: Taa-chan

Birthday and Christmas Gifts

  • 1st Year: Movie Postcard
  • 2nd Year: Enka CD
  • 3rd Year: Gold Manicure

Ending Requirements

  • Don't fulfill the requirements for a guy's ending
  • Play with her 70 times.
  • Don't go into Rival Mode, must be at Tokimeki State.

CG List

  • 1) Head Cheerleader
    Date: Sports Meet Yr 2 or Yr 3
    Conditions: Must have met Shiba
    Affection: :) and above (Cannot be on Rival mode)
    What happens: Todo takes the reins in cheering on Shiba during his race.
  • 2 & 3) Café
    Date: Any school day.
    Conditions: Invite her to a café after school
    What happens: You get to chat with her from a selection of 3 topics. 2 versions available: Summer and Winter.