Tatsuya Hasumi
Personal Information
Birthday June 9th
Sign Gemini
Blood Type AB
Club/Job Model
Favorite Color Reddish-Brown
Future Actor in a Theatrical Company
Voice Actor Taiki Matsuno

The "secret" character of the PSP version, he's a student at Hanegasaki High. He works as a model, but actually he isn't very confident and wants to work in something related to the movie industry when he's older. The heroine meets him by visiting Cafe ALUCARD in one of her free days.[1]


  • Meeting Requirements: Have your Charm at 200 and visit the Business District in January Year 2 or have your Charm at 100 and visit the Business District in March Year 2 (Both result in different CGs)

Like, Dislikes and Tips

  • Favorite Outfit Style: Sexy

Ending Requirements

  • Trigger all of his events
  • No other guys and girls at Grinning or Tokimeki status
  • No bombs have gone off


January Year 2
Have 200 Charm
Go to the Business District
(Winter Outfit)
March Year 2
Have 100 Charm
Go to the Business District
(Summer Outfit)
"Maybe I will"
Go to the Business District
the following Sunday
"I'll go there!"
"Yes, go ahead." "No."
"That's absurd!"
"I knew it"
Go to the Business District in August Year 3
"I'll just go home." "I must call out to him."
"You sure did!"
(It's embarrassing, but I must ask him!)
Go to Alucard for the next 3 Sundays
"I wanted to see Hasumi-kun, so I came here."
"Just say it."
"A date? Okay."
"The worst. This is a date. Better make it more fun."
"I kind of... liked it."
"Yeah. That's right. Okay."
(Angel Ending)
"We shouldn't rush it..."
Wait for him to call
"Maybe I should say yes..."
(Angel Ending)
"I won't go. Bye."
Wait for his 2nd Call
(Queen Ending)


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