Teru Saeki

Teru Saeki
Personal Information
Birthday July 19th, 1988
Sign Cancer
Blood Type B
Club/Job Sangosho Cafe
Favorite Color Aqua Blue
Love Rival None
Future First rate-University
Voice Actor Masakazu Morita
He is good at studies and sports. An all-rounded guy who’s popular with everyone. However, he finds a need to carry a facade in front of others and hides the fact that he works as a waiter at Sangosho cafe. As with any other guy with brains and looks, Saeki has his mandatory club of squealing fangirls following him around.
  • Meeting Requirements: Automatically on Day 1
  • Nicknames:
    Default: Saeki-kun, Saeki-san
    Smiling: Saeki­, Teru-kun
    Grinning: Teru, Terurin
    Tokimeki: Terutan


Like, Dislikes and Tips:

  • Favorite Outfit Style: Pure
  • Acceptable Outfit Style: Sexy
  • Disliked Outfit Style: Elegant
  • Swimsuit:

Ideal Dates

  • Amusement Park (Jet coaster)(Night parade)
  • Aquarium (Normal) (Orca show)
  • Beach
  • Botanic Gardens
  • Event Hall (Vivito Jipa Hold)
  • Fireworks Festival
  • Flea Market
  • Habataki Mountain (Skiing)
  • Live House (Smile Jibes)
  • Movie Theater (SPINNING 2)
  • Museum (Glass art display)
  • Park Entrance (Shopping)
  • Seaside Stroll
  • Seaside Park (Tour boat)
  • Shopping Mall
  • Skate Park

Disliked Dates:

  • Amusement Park (Merry Go Round) (Haunted House)
  • Event Hall (Rumble House) (CAMINO)
  • Forest Park (Winter)
  • Game Center (Video Game) (Music Game Corner)
  • Habataki Castle (Display Corner)
  • Indoor Pool
  • Karaoke BOX
  • Live House (Talk Live)
  • Movie Theater (Mikuro)
  • Museum (Normal) (Mihara Shiki Exhibition) (GAAGII Exhibition)
  • Zoo (Normal) (Petting Zoo)


  • Neutral State: Tap his eyes, hair, or torso
  • Smiling:
  • Grinning and Tokimeki: Pretty much anything is acceptable (as long as you didn't upset him.)

Correct Responses

  • Amusement Park (Roller Coaster) = "Isn't it? Let's ride at the very front."
  • Habataki Mountain (Skiing) = "If it's skiing, leave it to me!"

Birthday and Christmas Gifts

Birthday Gifts

  • 1st Year: Photo Frame decorated with Shells
  • 2nd Year: Glass Vase
  • 3rd Year: Glass Mermaid Figurine

Christmas Gifts

  • 1 rich: Wooden Dinosaur Craft
  • 10 rich:

Ending Requirements

  • Intelligence = 150+
  • Arts = 150+
  • Style = 150+
  • Fitness = 150+
  • Social = 110+
  • Charm = 90+
  • At least 15 Dates (With Accidental Kiss) 25 Dates (Without Accidental Kiss)

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